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I said yes, NTFS, go for it and it did its thing, copying a bunch of windows files to the disk before finally saying it was time to reboot (with a countdown and automatic reboot).

When it rebooted, however, it would then come back up and say Windows could not read something on the hard drive.

Hi my name is Justin Alicea and I am at my wits end with a laptop problem I have.

I just recently recieved an Alienware Area-51 M7700 D900T laptop from a friend of mine who recieved a better computer and didn't feel like dealing with the Alienware's problems.

Hi, I recently got an alienware d900t and it didn't come with any hdd's.

I had some spare hdd's and tried installing windows xp and then tried windows 7 as well but when i get to the part where it asks me to choose a partition and/or to create one it wont let me and says there is no drive.

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So I went to Google on another machine and found this: I had exactly the same problem.Amazing performance and stunning visuals at their best.Get top-of-the-line performance for your most demanding tasks with a Intel 7th Gen Core i7 7700 processor.After that screen goes away yet another screen comes up with the following. I think it gives an option for either type of drive if the mobo has those connections. The common assumption from people not familiar with this specific hardware is that the motherboard is damaged.-ps Im going to write it word for word for your convenience Fast Track 378 (tm) BIOS Version (c) 2002-2005 Promise Technology, Inc. ID_______MODE________________________SIZE__________TRACK-MAPPING____________STATUS ===================================================================== 1______1 0 Stripe_____________________40007m_________4863/255/63 _____________Functional Press Is the drive you put in IDE or SATA? I think it gives an option for either type of drive if the mobo has those connections. Have you tried an external flash drive to boot off of? Its an IDE drive but the hard drive cable that connects to the motherboard is for ide drives. I don't have an external hard disk to use so i don't know. This was the most powerful desktop replacement on the market when it came out. Although this can sometimes be true, it is often NOT the case with the Clevo D900T. When installing a Windows operating system such as WINXP , you MUST either slipstream SATA378 drivers into your Windows installation, OR have the drivers on a floppy disc (so you must also have a floppy drive).Introducing the Evetech Core i7 7700 Budget Gaming upgrade kit, featuring the very latest cutting edge Intel Kabylake architecture and the latest ddr4 memory standard, the insanely fast 2400MHz DDR4.


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